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The Florence Pilot Lab in Italy works on including migrants in transport

In March 2019, Busitalia/ATAF have activated a co-design process with the users of the urban lines n° 30 and n° 35 in the city of Florence.

Two migrants with different life experiences and from different countries were selected and directly involved in a ‘participatory’ activity. Although not being really familiar with these lines, they were both asked to use them to reach a given destination: their behaviour before, during and after the journey and interaction with the different information devices were ‘observed’ in order to identify any difficulties or problems they had while using the service.

A focus group with the participation of 15 identified stakeholders from voluntary and socialcare associations, non-governmental organisations, information points, and representatives of foreign communities was organised on the 3rd April to discuss the outcomes of the observation activity and establish the subsequent co-design phase.

On the basis of the first results, the line 30 characteristics were reorganised and two new bus stops were added along the line to connect it to the new tramway T2.