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Sensitisation training of public transport employees in Budapest Pilot Lab

The direct goal of the Budapest's pilot is to provide overall knowledge to public transport employees who are in daily direct contact with clients. In particular, they had learnt about the transport-related needs of people with reduced mobility.

For this reason, sixty employees working within different areas of PT have been trained in May and June 2019 in four groups. One training day comprised three theoretical and five practical lectures, which were built on each other. For example, the participants were required to try to travel by tram in wheelchairs; in addition, they had exercises in which they were blindfolded.

Experts with specific knowledge and proficiency worked in constant co-operation with BKK and were required to involve stakeholders (the Pilot’s target groups) in the process of development and implementation of the training programme. This knowledge qualified the employees to adequately help and assist the public transport usage of people who are hampered in their mobility.

The Pilot goals are to improve the public transport usability for people with reduced mobility with a more competent and appropriate behaviour from public transport staff towards our target groups. The indirect goal of the Pilot action is to make public transport services in Budapest more attractive, more competitive and improve its usability. It is expected that the measure will improve the level of satisfaction with public transport services for each target group.