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Redesigning bus routes in Florence’s rural areas

Within the INCLUSION project, Busitalia/ATAF successfully developed several initiatives for improving accessibility to Public Transport in two distinct peripheral and rural areas of Florence, targeting vulnerable users, such as people with a migrant background and ruraldwellers. The redesign of urban and rural bus routes, the improvement of users’ information with the installation of on-board information panels, the enhancement of the information-mobility ATAF App with improved intermodal information and real-time rail information, the co-participatory activities (workshops and focus groups) with the direct involvement of the local communities; all these measures showed positive and promising results.

An increase in the number of passengers, an improved tram and bus connection, and a general increase inusers’ satisfaction with the quality of information, are the final outcomes of the evaluation and validation exercises on which Busitalia/ATAF focused during the last months of the project.

These results confirmed that, with smart and practical solutions, it is possible to have a more convenient and efficient service that better meets the needs of users. Moreover, the project activities enabled Busitalia/ATAF staff to understand the key concepts of inclusive mobility and the potential approach and strategies to be adopted for enhancing the level of accessibility of the overall public transport system.