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Programme available: INCLUSION & HiReach Final virtual conference

Register now for the INCLUSION & HiReach final virtual conference - 22 September 2020!

During the event you will be able to engage in the discussion and listen to excellent speakers who will be highlighting toolsmethods, and solutions to design a more inclusive mobility system for all, and in particular, for vulnerable-to-exclusion people living in urban, peri-urban, rural and remote areas.


The programme includes:

- An introduction on the two EU-funded projects which have been addressing transport accessibility in prioritised urban and rural areas in Europe
- Insights on what transport poverty is and how this is affecting people’s everyday life
New transport approaches to make mobility inclusive for all
- Innovative business models and solutions for delivering inclusive mobility
Hands-on experiences of mobility measures implemented on the ground all over Europe
- Key messages to take away and lessons learned

The event is completely free of charge and it is ideal for cities, regions, transport authorities, transport providers, mobility entrepreneurs, and end users’ associations willing to learn how to make mobility truly inclusive for all types of travelers.


Keynote speaker: Professor Rosário Macário (University of Lisbon)
Moderator: Karen Vancluysen (Secretary General, POLIS)

Make sure to register for the INCLUSION & HiReach final virtual conference to:

Debate the urgent issues linked to transport accessibility and equity
Get inspired by new tools and principles that can help you devise a fairer transport system
Network with mobility experts, start-ups, cities & regions.

Learn more about these projects!

INCLUSION is a three-year EU funded project focusing on improving transport accessibility for vulnerable user groups living in remote urban and rural areas across Europe.
HiReach is a three-year EU funded project focusing on developing new tools and business models to improve accessibility for special areas and communities.

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22 September 2020 | Virtual conference