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New publication! Inspiration and guidance on developing inclusive mobility solutions

The INCLUSION report, “Typology and description of underlying principles and generalisable lessons”, aims to answer this question by providing recommendations and inspiration for transport practitioners working in the public and private sectors, as well as interested community stakeholders.


The new INCLUSION publication is based on a thorough analysis of the 51 INCLUSION case studies  and sets forth eight principles of inclusive mobility, guiding the reader – via multiple entry points in the document – towards the inclusive mobility solutions that could work best in each local context. The reader will gain new perspectives on vulnerable users’ needs, the gaps in existing transport networks, and inspiration for the actors and approaches that can fill them. It also serves as a guide to the INCLUSION report, “Compilation of 51 case study profiles; overviews and in-depth investigations” by linking to specific good practice case studies related to particular area types, vulnerable users, mobility gaps, and approach types.