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New approaches to mobility in Rhein-Sieg

In October 2018, a survey of the residents of the new development area Hennef Im Siegbogen will commence in the Pilot Lab Rhein-Sieg. All households in the new development area will receive a personalised letter and an eight-page, specially developed questionnaire. The Rhein-Sieg district, the City of Hennef, and the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg would like to use the results of the survey to improve the local mobility offer for all family members according to their actual needs. The first question asks households to indicate the number and type of vehicle(s) owned (e.g. scooters,bicycles,cars). The participants also indicate which means of transport they usually use and for which routes. If certain means of transport are rarely used, the reasons for this are asked in order to identify possible barriers. A further, essential, part of the survey focuses on the mobility of children living in the household. How independently can they achieve their goals (such as attending a sports club, visiting friends, etc.)? Do they have to be taken and picked up by parents/adults? If so, what are the reasons for this? What is necessary so that more children can achieve their daily goals independently? The survey is expected to end on 12 November 2018. A supplementary survey will be conducted for the Blumenhof development area in Eitorf. Following the surveys, the results will be evaluated and serve as a basis for potential measures to improve mobility in Hennef Im Siegbogen and in Eitorf Blumenhof. The survey will be anonymous, and the data collected will be used exclusively for INCLUSION and the plans associated with the project.