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Involving a migrant community to design a fair transport system in Florence

The period from May to November 2019 was intensively dedicated to co-design activities with the active participation of migrants, one of the main identified vulnerable user categories of the urban lines no.30 and no.35 in the Florence metropolitan area.

Two co-design laboratories have been developed: the first focused on the “physical touch points” of the service - namely the bus stops, the bus shelters and the bus itself; the second Lab concerned the “virtual/digital touch points” of the service - in particular the transport users’ information App available in Florence and surrounding areas.

A stronguser-centred approach was the key to success of both initiatives and to allow the collection of relevant feedback on issues perceived as critical. Such issues could include, for example: hindering migrants in appropriately understanding the bus service terms and conditions; the correct behaviour to have on board the buses; the use of the App functionalities, etc.

The testing of the demonstration version of the new App of ATAF (the main public transport company of the Tuscan capital also operating in the outskirts of the city) was also made in consultation with vulnerable users in order to collect feedback and suggestions for improvements.

The results of these activities were presented to the company management team of ATAF during a meeting held on the 29 November. Thanks to INCLUSION, Busitalia/ATAF were better able to understand migrants’ mobility requirements and will take these into account for improvements of the service in the next period.