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Call for case study nominations on transport and social inclusion

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The EU-funded INCLUSION project is keen to receive nominations of initiatives and projects that alleviate transport-related poverty and exclusion.

Cases can include innovations to conventional public transport schemes, privately run solutions, and public-private partnerships both in urban and rural areas. 50 cases will be selected for further investigation in order to identify and describe good practice of inclusive and equitable mobility in Europe. Most importantly, INCLUSION aims to extract transferable lessons and to derive inspiration and recommendations for policy makers, private actors, public transport operators, and other groups.

Submitting your nomination only takes five minutes - do so here.

A final selection of 50 case studies will be made at the end of May 2018. INCLUSION focuses its research on improving accessibility for transport user groups vulnerable to exclusion from transport systems, such as people with low-income, disabilities, older people, and those from migrant backgrounds.  This work should improve their access to jobs, education, and social opportunities. For further information, contact Kristin Tovaas from Rupprecht Consult: