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AlgoWatt – the INCLUSION project coordinator

AlgoWatt is the INCLUSION Project Coordinator, with overall responsibility for the coordination and liaison with the European Commission. Together with the project management bodies, AlgoWatt has constantly worked to ensure a smooth organisation of the project activities, high-quality results and solid contributions to the objectives and challenges of the project call. This coordination, together with the achievement of all planned objectives has certainly been eased by the excellent composition of the consortium and the high commitment of all partners throughout the whole project period.

Born from the merger of Ternienergia, and Softeco, with over 200 employees located in 7 offices in Italy, AlgoWatt designs, develops and integrates solutions for the management of energy and natural resources in a sustainable and socially responsible way. The Company provides management and control systems that integrate devices, networks, software and services, with a focus on digital energy and utilities, smart cities and enterprises, and green mobility. AlgoWatt invests about 10% of staff resources and annual turnover in Research and Innovation, which is considered key to the development of high-technology products and to transform innovation into business.