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Accessibility to cultural and leisure events in Barcelona

The Barcelona Pilot Lab is aiming at increasing the accessibility to cultural and leisure events of young groups of travellers in periurban areas that have limited transportation options. Target users of Barcelona Pilot Lab are occasional groups of travellers, from medium-sized cities and small cities, that have limited access to cultural and leisure events located outside their municipalities, and that also have considerable public transport limitations in terms of stops and schedules. These young groups of travellers, particularly young females, are in need of new on-demand transport services that would allow them to attend these events in a safe manner. This Pilot Lab is aiming to provide a more personalised and increased on-demand transportation offering by better identifying the potential users’ demand through social network analysis. Starting in October 2018 and running until July 2020, different iterations will be carried out, including studies related to demographic distribution, transport connectivity or interest in social networks, to identify and prioritise potential geographical areas which will be suitable for locating new on-demand bus stops to satisfy the actual identified demand.