Pilot Site in the spotlight: Flanders Region

Taxistop setting up a pilot-scheme for jobseekers

The INCLUSION partner and mobility provider Taxistop is setting up a pilot scheme for jobseekers, which is ready to be tested. Jobseekers with a migration background who are already part of the STEP project - a collaboration between Manpower and three Non-Governmental Organizations (Compaan, Groep...

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What is the INCLUSION Stakeholder Forum?

The INCLUSION Stakeholder Forum is a platform where stakeholders can express their views, visions, ideas and concerns related to current and future mobility solutions. In particular, the INCLUSION Stakeholder Forum gathers together organisations from the mobility business and recognized experts who...

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INCLUSION first newsletter is out!

INCLUSION is a three-year project funded under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission. The project’s research focuses on improving transport accessibility for vulnerable user groups living in remote urban and rural areas across Europe. In this first issue you will learn more about the...

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The EU funded project INCLUSION is looking at various aspects related to transport poverty, accessibility and social inclusion with a specific focus on vulnerable user categories in remote urban and rural areas across Europe.

Not having access to public transport often means less access to goods, services, jobs, and social life. Throughout the duration of the project,  INCLUSION will identify transferable solutions - including ICT-enabled elements – that can ensure a more accessible, inclusive and equitable mobility...

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