Income Inequality, Social Inclusion and Mobility

The International Transport Forum has released a report on mobility and social inclusion with regard to vulnerable travellers, such as those in lower-income groups. The report is based on evidence across countries and contains a set of recommendations to address mobility challenges for lower income...

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BusUp: new commuting Pilot

BusUp is a Spanish start-up company involved in the Barcelona Pilot Lab, together with MOSAIC, which aims to improve the on-demand bus service offering and increase the number of passengers served. Last May 2018, BusUp launched its first commuting Pilot in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. This...

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INCLUSION Partner in the Spotlight - EMTA

European Metropolitan Transport Authorities – Celebrating 20 Years of European Co-operation.

EMTA, the Association of European Metropolitan Transport Authorities (, was established in 1998 to enhance cooperation between public authorities responsible for planning, integrating and financing public transport services in and around the larger European cities. A general...

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News from INCLUSION Pilot Site Budapest

New tables to help blind and visually impaired people at public transport stops in Budapest

INCLUSION partner Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) will equip selected trolleybus, bus and tram stops with awareness raising and educational tables. These tables will contain pictograms showing traffic situations involving blind and visually impaired people. The pictograms will explain how to...

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