Inspiration and guidance on inclusive transport from the INCLUSION project

INCLUSION aims to understand, assess and evaluate the accessibility and inclusiveness of transport solutions in rural, remote and deprived areas especially for vulnerable users, and to propose and experiment with a range of innovative and transferable solutions.

The project has recently entered the third and final year of activities and is now focusing on collecting and processing the results from the innovative transport measures designed and implemented in the six pilot sites in BelgiumGermanyHungaryItalySpain and the U.K. A key aspect of the work...

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Sensitisation training of public transport employees in Budapest Pilot Lab

The direct goal of the Budapest's pilot is to provide overall knowledge to public transport employees who are in daily direct contact with clients. In particular, they had learnt about the transport-related needs of people with reduced mobility.

For this reason, sixty employees working within...

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Gender Equal Cities - URBACT report (March 2019)

A new report (March 2019) by the EU’s URBACT programme shows how city authorities can take some simple, practical steps towards gender equality through data collection, policy and consultation – and improve daily life for citizens throughout the EU.

Gender equality is a prerequisite for the well-being of citizens and the prosperity of cities. It is a fundamental right that is enshrined in both international and European treaties, and in the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. Gender equality is also a catalyst for better...

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The Florence Pilot Lab in Italy works on including migrants in transport

Inclusion, Migration and Transport are all connected in Florence's Pilot Lab activity

In March 2019, Busitalia/ATAF have activated a co-design process with the users of the urban lines n° 30 and n° 35 in the city of Florence.

Two migrants with different life experiences and from different countries were selected and directly involved in a ‘participatory’ activity. Although not being...

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