Florence (IT)

General context

The pilot coverage consists of some selected areas in the metropolitan conurbation of Florence: the involved services are both conventional lines (lines 30 and 35, serving the connections between the central railways station and the north suburbs characterised by a large presence of migrants and low income residents) and flexible ones (Demand Responsive Service – branded “Nottetempo” – operated on the south and east part of metropolitan area).

Activities in INCLUSION

The Pilot will enlarge the users’ acceptance of Nottetempo service among immigrants, workers’ associations and NGOs, while also exploring the contribution which can be provided by innovative marketing strategies supported by the ATAF 2.0 mobile application and social media (e.g. understanding how user feedback and mobility requirements can be collected via App services, how to lower cultural barriers, etc.). The focus of the pilot, therefore, will be on exploring the definition of integrated payment that could combine the conventional and the on-demand night service, including special fares for vulnerable citizen groups (extended functions for booking/payment by App will be provided). In addition, an extension of the coverage area of the DRT night service will be made, in order to cover also the north and the west parts of the metropolitan area.

The local government and voluntary associations will be involved to assess the needs of target users of lines 30 and 35 and improve the service accordingly. Furthermore, the pilot actions will improve the public transport accessibility to immigrants and low-income residents in suburban and peripheral areas of Florence.BUSIT will coordinate all local activities for the pilot setup and operation. As the operator managing the public transport system in the entire Florence Metropolitan area and a third party of BUSIT, ATAF will be in charge of the implementation of Florence pilot lab innovation activities planned in this task.